28 June-6 July 2022
MCE Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2022
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30 Nov, 2022 /
MCE Team
MCE Mostra Convegno Expocomfort presenta la nuova visual identity e il nuovo claim che riflettono l’evoluzione di posizionamento
“Beyond Comfort” è il nuovo claim presentato oggi in occasione del meeting di ANGAI...
12 Sep, 2022 /
MCE Team
PNRR ed efficientamento energetico: una grande occasione
PNRR ed efficientamento energetico: una grande occasione per rinnovare la sanità italia...
08 Sep, 2022
RX Italy completa la trasformazione rinnovando il modello operativo
Da “organizzatore di eventi” a “ecosistema per la costruzione di community”: RX ...
26 Jul, 2022 /
MCE Team
MCE - Mostra Convegno Expocomfort si conferma l’appuntamento di riferimento per l’HVAC+R e annuncia le date per il 2024
Al centro l'innovazione tecnologica dalle più importanti aziende nei settori HVAC+R e i...
21 Jul, 2022 /
MCE Team
L’indipendenza energetica a portata di... tetto
Con la creazione delle Comunità Energetica Rinnovabili l’Italia può fare un passo im...
/ 24 Jun, 2022
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The First Ground Source Heat Pump with Natural Refrigerant Suitable for Indoor Installations

In December 2020 Ecoforest launched the ground-based heat pump ecoGEO 1-6 PRO , being the first European manufacturer to offer ground-based heat pumps with propane (R290) suitable for indoor installation. Recently, the range evolved into the ecoGEO+ 1-6 PRO, with the ecoSMART built-in which allows for smart energy management.
The ecoGEO+ 1-6 PRO modulates from 0.5 kW to 6 kW. This unit is installed indoors and offers the same services as the ecoGEO range: DHW, heating at 70ºC, passive and active cooling, and swimming pool management. The Inverter technology in combination with variable speed compressors extends the modulation range up to 80% and reduces the installation cost. This capacity to match a variable demand results in an exceptional COP coefficient of up to 4.3 depending on the model.
The ecoGEO+ 1-6 PRO stands as a perfect fit for new single houses, specifically those developed under the Passive House label for its efficiency and provided services.

Natural Refrigerant: Propane (R290)
Propane (R290) stands as a highly functional natural refrigerant with a low environmental footprint. The GWP is a relative measure of how much heat a greenhouse gas can capture in the atmosphere. Propane (R290) has a GWP value 700 times lower than F-gases and reduces carbon emissions of the equipment to almost zero.

Hybridisation with Solar Energy & Combination with Air Units (AU)
The ecoGEO+ 1-6 PRO comes with an integrated energy manager: the ecoSMART e-manager. Ecoforest heat pumps can store the energy surplus production from the PV panels which results in more independent installations. Ecoforest also enables easy management of the heat pump with the ecoSMART Easynet, which enables full remote control of the installation by both user and installers.
Furthermore, ecoGEO heat pumps can be combined with external air units (AU) to get the high efficiency of heat pumps without needing ground-source collection. This contributes to planning flexible installations and reduces their cost.
Ecoforest will participate at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort in the N51 P52 booth. Detailed information on our products is also available at https://ecoforest.com/en/heat-pumps/ground-source-heat-pumps/.

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